Giving Anessa Some Time in the Spotlight

Giving Anessa Some Time in the Spotlight

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It’s always fun when we get a chance to recognize outstanding performance around the Mauna Kea Marketing office. Today, it’s Anessa, our exceptional photographer. Lilah, our firm’s President, said that Anessa is one of the hardest workers she’s ever met, and that she’s always willing to go against the grain if that’s what it takes to succeed. She sets a great example for everyone on our team by staying positive and overcoming obstacles to meet challenges with grace.

Anessa graduated from high school a year early in order to jump into the workforce. This kind of determination is what allows her to continue hitting her personal and professional goals. Anessa is her own harshest critic, but that’s only because she has such high standards and never settles. She’s a leader in every sense of the word, staying consistent with her habits and making time to help teammates no matter what else is going on.

The positive energy Anessa brings to Mauna Kea Marketing HQ is one of the main reasons she’s a standout performer. Once you meet her, it’s hard not to become her friend. Lilah added that Anessa is inspiring and puts her unique vision to work with each new challenge. Her go-getter mentality and unwavering spirit push others to elevate their games as well.

Lilah believes every professional should strive to bring a great attitude, willingness to learn, perseverance, drive, and courage to the table. Along with all these qualities, Anessa is also loyal, honest, and fun to be around. She projects all the traits that have made our work culture a prime attraction for talented candidates.

We’re happy to have Anessa on our team. Follow Mauna Kea Marketing on Twitter for regular updates on our top performers.