Great Resources for Professional Learning

Great Resources for Professional Learning

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We’re always learning new things around the Mauna Kea Marketing office. Building our skill sets as we achieve our professional goals has been made easier by the abundance of online educational tools. Here are a few resources we use to expand our knowledge on the job.

Udemy has become one of our go-to resources for professional education. Many of their courses are free or at very low cost, and they cover just about every area in which we want to improve. The leadership courses, many of which are free of cost, are especially valuable.

Alison is another provider of free courses in key business topics. It’s become a favorite around Mauna Kea Marketing HQ because it features valuable content targeted to specific niches in the business world. As an added bonus, Alison allows users to explore ratings from others who have taken courses. This allows us to know exactly what to expect in terms of course content and workload.

We also listen to podcasts to accelerate our learning. Weekly Leader is one of the programs that gives us the most inspiration. Along with a wide variety of shows featuring leadership experts, the site also provides links to blogs with further insights.

These are a few of the most effective tools we’ve discovered for learning on the job. Like Mauna Kea Marketing on Facebookto receive more of our best tips for professional development.