Mauna Kea is a well-known volcano in Hawaii. Less commonly known it is also the tallest mountain in the entire world. While most people think of Mt. Everest, Mauna Kea actually beats Mt. Everest in height by 2000 feet. The reason why Mt. Everest is most often looked to as the tallest is because much of Mauna Kea’s height lies below the surface. We were drawn to this because we believe that success in business often lies within developing below surface level relationships. We have found it to be crucial in the development of our team to get to know everyone’s personal goals, motivations, and even fears so that we can help them become their best selves.


Being the tallest mountain range means it is #1. We are always working to put our best foot forward, to continue putting out innovative ideas, and thinking outside the box. We are creative, hard-working, and entrepreneurial individuals who believe that it is our duty to not only reach our full potential but help our clients and employees reach their full potential as well. We believe in working every day to become the best possible version of ourself, both personally and professionally. We are focused on constant improvement, finding a positive in every situation, and through every obstacle, challenge, or hurdle.


Climbing a mountain represents a journey and we feel that it is very fitting to our management training program. There are ups, downs, times when it is easy, times when it is hard, but no matter what, the climb and journey is always worth it. Everyone has their own journey and path to follow, and we believe that by trusting in the process and believing in yourself and having blind faith in the view at the top, that is what true success is.

Our team is always creating new strategies.

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