How to Incorporate Coaching Into Your Office Culture

How to Incorporate Coaching Into Your Office Culture

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Peer support and open knowledge transfer are key aspects of the Mauna Kea Marketing culture. One-on-one coaching is one of our main catalysts for sharing information and insight with each other. Maintaining this type of work environment requires purposeful effort. Here are some ways to make coaching part of your office atmosphere:


  • Leading by Example: Consider enlisting your own mentor in order to help your people warm up to the concept of coaching. Be open about your experience and the impact of the arrangement. Doing so will show others that everyone can benefit from coaching.


  • Train the Trainers: In the Mauna Kea Marketing leadership training program, upand-coming managers learn how best to impart their wisdom to others. Give your frontrunners access to this type of professional development as well. It may be beneficial to bring in coaching experts to provide some education as well.


  • Go for It: In the words of Success Rockets LLC’s Larry Boyer, “Coaching is a way of being, and as such, you can’t simply integrate it. You just have to understand what it is and do it. It’s not the same as adding carrots to your stew. So the key is to educate teams about what coaching is and then have them do it – coach each other. Have a weekly group coaching session with a coach to help answer questions and demonstrate.”


Remember these strategies as you incorporate the idea of mentorship into your organization, and go to our Mauna Kea Marketing [Newswire] to learn more.