When Our People Grow, Our Company Succeeds

When Our People Grow, Our Company Succeeds

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Our Mauna Kea Marketing methods for finding and developing talent are the core of our success. We seek out those who share similar ideals and will thrive in our office environment, then invest in their success with training, coaching, and development.

Our emphasis on personal and professional growth is more than talk; each of our entry-level roles comes with a clearly defined career path mapped out. By following the recommended timeline and mastering the required skills, novice associates can earn their way into upper management. In fact, it is our goal to help each of our team members to open their own satellite office one day, if that’s where they want their professional journeys to take them.

“Promotions are a vital part of our company structure,” stated Lilah, President of Mauna Kea Marketing. “Promoting from within is more than a good idea; it’s the ethical extension of our commitment to growth as a company value. What’s more, it gives our people the proper incentive to push themselves and really find out what they’re capable of. When people put in the effort, they are rewarded for it. It’s the right way to do business.”

We support and empower our team members as they pursue personal and professional excellence. To learn more about our training program and the development options we offer, check out our Mauna Kea Marketing Newswire feed.