How to Rock Company Culture and Succeed

How to Rock Company Culture and Succeed

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When you walk into an office, what is the first thing you notice? Most likely, it’s the atmosphere. You can instantly tell whether people who work there are happy and productive simply by the vibe they generate. Cultivating the right environment to succeed in business comes down to company culture. Here at our Mauna Kea Marketing HQ, there are a few defining features of our ethos that are evident in all that we do. Our President, Lilah Knight-Greenberg, highlights the factors that set us apart from other agencies:

• Goal-Oriented: Focus is key when it comes to achieving results. Team Mauna Kea Marketing maintains focus through individual and common goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant to our overall vision, and time-sensitive.

• Team-Driven: Collaboration takes precedence over everything else in our office. We work together, support each other, and find ways to help each other realize our own visions for success. We believe that when we pool our talents, we create a bigger impact for everyone.

• Fun: There are so many studies that point to the correlation between fun and productivity in the workplace. We embrace this concept through friendly competitions, team-building events, nights out on the town, and even some really awesome travel.

Our company culture is what gives us our keen edge. Like Mauna Kea Marketing on Facebook to see our team in action.