Our Success Begins With the Interview

Our Success Begins With the Interview

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Demand for Mauna Kea Marketing’s on-site sales promotions is on the rise, which means we’ll be conducting interviews to fill several positions with our team. Here are some of the specific traits we look for in our potential team members.

“We seek people who set goals and achieve them, no matter the challenges they face,” shared Lilah, Mauna Kea Marketing’s President. “We also want to know that someone has a positive attitude and strong work ethic. We appreciate a diversity of backgrounds and experience levels too, because these lead to greater innovation.”

We know when we’ve found someone who meets our requirements because we’ve taken several steps to ensure a more effective interviewing process. For instance, we’ve created detailed job descriptions that determine the levels of responsibility at each stage of someone’s career journey, along with the skills and experiences required for success. This makes it much easier to identify a candidate who will be a good fit with our mission and culture.

Also, we go beyond the résumé and ask about goals, interests, and priorities. These play as big a factor as education level and work history when it comes to making the most of an opportunity with our firm.

Our company is growing rapidly, so we make sure each interview counts. To learn more about the steps we take to recruit and on-board the best people for our team, follow Mauna Kea Marketing on Twitter.