Team Nights Create a Culture of Accomplishment

Team Nights Create a Culture of Accomplishment

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Building a supportive and empowering office culture doesn’t have to happen exclusively at the office. One of the best Mauna Kea Marketing strategies we’ve found to create a unified team is to gather our people outside the workplace for social events.

“Our team nights are so fun!” declared Lilah, President of Mauna Kea Marketing. “They’re a great way for us to relax and get to know one another better, and because of them we’ve become a very close-knit group. They make office life more fun as well, since we always talk about the good times we had. The experiences we have even positively impact our on-site sales promotions. When everyone is happy in the office it shows in all our relationships, business and personal.”

The reason that team nights are so important to building our workplace environment is simple: culture is learned through interaction with other members of a group. When we create chances for associates to become better acquainted in a relaxed environment, the collective experiences and behavioral norms that make up a culture are shared organically, which is more impactful than what happens in a formal setting.

The positive results of our frequent team nights are plain to see: we’re a diverse team with shared values that help us work together seamlessly. Learn more about our focus on culture by checking out our Mauna Kea Marketing Newswire feed.