Tips for Building a Thriving Professional Network

Tips for Building a Thriving Professional Network

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Hand-selected members of Team Mauna Kea Marketing recently participated in the Rocky Mountain Conference in Denver. It was a great opportunity for everyone who had a chance to attend, with top producers from around the country coming in to share best practices and network with like-minded colleagues.

In fact, it was the prospect of networking with industry leaders from so many different high-performing offices that made the trip worthwhile. Having a well-developed contact list is one of the surest signs that a person is serious about career success, and we work to give our team members every chance possible to meet with those who can help them achieve their goals.

Of course, one of the best Mauna Kea Marketing networking tips we have is not to worry about what a person can do for us when we meet them. Instead, we focus more on finding avenues to help them. Even if we’ve met someone who has achieved a higher level of success, we still listen attentively for chances to assist them in solving a challenge or dealing with a concern.

In addition, we make a point of meeting people, regardless of their titles. The best time to make a powerful acquaintance is to get to know them before they’re too far advanced in their careers. We look for evidence that the person with whom we’re speaking is sharp and ambitious, and we trust that in time they’ll be an influencer.

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