Travel and Networking: Development Strategies That Work

Travel and Networking: Development Strategies That Work

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Mauna Kea Marketing is more than just an on-site advertising firm. This is also a place where people can develop into world-class professionals. We provide all the tools and resources our executives need to broaden their horizons and learn the skills that will make them leaders in this or any other industry.

Two of our most effective developmental strategies are also two of our most exciting perks – travel and networking. Just the act of breaking out of our normal routines and seeing a new location builds resilience, and then we add the educational value of a leadership conference or cross-training event. Also, we consider a large network to be one of the prerequisites of lasting achievement, so not only do we teach networking, we create chances to sharpen our skills.

“Our company provides great travel opportunities,” declared Lilah, Mauna Kea Marketing’s President. “You can travel with us to other offices, conferences, and even exotic retreats for some well-earned rest and relaxation. While vising these exciting locales, we always connect with others in our industry. This gives us a chance to share best practices and make friends with leaders in our field. Not many companies offer these kinds of rewards, and I’m proud that we do.”

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