Tried-and-True Goal-Setting Techniques

Tried-and-True Goal-Setting Techniques

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Goal setting is the backbone of the Mauna Kea Marketing growth strategy. Putting objectives in place helps us focus and gives us direction. It also motivates us and allows us to asses our progress. These are the methods we apply to pursue our ambitions:

” We’re Specific: It’s much easier to chase a fully defined goal than a vague one. We don’t simply decide we want to add some brands to our portfolio, for instance. Instead, we identify how many campaigns we’d like to acquire within a given period of time.

” We Look to the Future: We always set goals with our overall mission in mind, along with the latest industry trends and potential challenges. Although it’s important to stay on top of day-to-day tasks, we don’t want to get so absorbed in them that we lose sight of the ways they push us forward.

” We Impose Deadlines: Deadlines provide a sense of urgency. They interrupt complacency. In fact, we’ve discovered that they also help us home in on Mauna Kea Marketing priorities. If we only have so much time to fulfill our responsibilities, we must direct our energies to the high-impact items.

” We Strategize: In addition to knowing exactly what we want to accomplish, we determine exactly how we will do so. Our strategies include resources, processes, and purposeful role assignments. They also allow room for adjustment if necessary.

These techniques guide our constant improvement. Follow Mauna Kea Marketing on Twitter for more on the ways goal-setting contributes to success.