Our Winning Approach to Leadership Training

Our Winning Approach to Leadership Training

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Leadership development has always been a central element of the Mauna Kea Marketing culture. Lilah, our firm’s President, understands that having the right kinds of leaders in place can make all the difference for a company operating in a competitive industry like ours. We’ve found that the following strategies are especially helpful in fostering leadership growth.

One of our fundamental office goals is to provide a wide range of learning options. We’ve built a culture of ongoing improvement that inspires people to continue adding to their skill sets every day. Leadership traits are points of emphasis across our continuing education spectrum.

We’ve also made it easy for our team members to keep learning through regular feedback. In both formal, scheduled sessions and informal check-ins, our associates share input with each other on where they can make improvements. There is plenty of support throughout the Mauna Kea Marketing office as our team members pursue their developmental goals.

As we do with all our company objectives, we also establish clear expectations for every leadership development session. We want our team members to know exactly what they’re getting out of each lesson and how it will serve them well in their future management roles.

These methods help us develop effective leaders in-house. Check out the Mauna Kea Marketing Newswire feed for more details on our emerging frontrunners.